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2018-08-24 03:27:55

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Live Music in Miami Florida

There is little doubt that Miami Florida offers one of the best, most versatile live music venues in the US, thanks in large part to its diverse population. You can find a host of different music genres every night that provide incredible entertainment. From dance concerts to smooth jazz to electronic music and so much more, Miami is definitely one of the best. 

For those who want to catch the nightly live music scene in Miami, there are several areas of the city where you can go.

Note that the venues listed represent only a fraction of the clubs, bars, and other venues that can be found in these locations. 

When you are in the mood for live music, there are many places to go and different music festivals to visit which will appeal to your favourite genres and open your ears to other cultures. What follows are just a few of the many events that happen in the city every year.

Live Music Festivals

What follows are a few of the many live music festivals in the Miami area. There are popular festivals almost every month, but here are a few of the best. 

Calle Ocho: Began in 1978 by immigrants from Cuba who wished to celebrate their culture, the Calle Ocho has become one of the best attended festivals in all the US. Every February, this massive festival of Latin, reggae and hip-hop music covers 28 blocks in Little Havana. The annual festival features a wide array of live music, dance, food, drinks, culture, and 30 stages for performances. This is one of the most attended music festivals in the US with over a million people. 

Jazz in the Gardens: The premiere music festival in the famed Miami Gardens, this remarkable annual event was initiated in 2008 and has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since. You’ll find an exceptional cultural diversity combined with great jazz music that brings local and international talents to the festival every year. While the live music itself is incredible, many visitors combine the event with shopping, hitting the beach, and seeing the many other sites in the area. 

Ultra Music Festival: Began by Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes in 1999, this festival is held across three days in the Downtown Miami area along Bayfront Park. This event averages about 165,000 attendants and features the latest in electronic music across several stages. Held in late March, this festival has managed to expand to other locations around the world, such as Singapore, Tokyo, Cape Town, Mexico City, and the like. 

You must be lucky to take in the power of the Miami live music scene with plenty of concerts that include different genres from rock to reggae to jazz to dance and so much more.

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