The London Astoria

2018-11-11 17:07:13

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The History of the London Astoria 

The historic London Astoria has featured many celebrated concerts in London, starting in the mid-1980s when the building was transformed into a nightclub that held roughly 2,000 people. Over the next 30 years, the venue would host some of the more prominent music acts of the time before it was closed in 2009. This remarkable live music London scene helped introduce many acts that became quite popular in their time. 


Located at 157 Charing Cross Road, the London Astoria began its life in 1927 as a cinema designed by Edward A. Stone. The four-story tall building offered a large viewing balcony, organ pipes that were concealed by false viewing boxes, and a year after it opened the basement featured ballroom dancing.

40 years later, the venue was converted for use as a theater until 1985 when it changed again to a nightclub that offered live music events. It was then that that Astoria London began to establish its reputation as one of the most celebrated venues in all of London. For many, this represented an incredible time to be in London as the venue was the perfect setting for many performers to deliver an intimate performance to a relatively large crowd. 


From 1985 until 2009, the London Astoria was a popular venue not only for live music that London residents enjoyed, but for the exceptional acoustics that made for great recordings. Over the years, many performers and bands recorded their live performances at the London Astoria which resulted in dozens of releases which included the following; 

The many different bands and performers that were featured at London Astoria is a testament to the venue itself. Providing some of the most memorable concerts in London, this venue became synonymous with rock and roll, along with other music genres that were celebrated. Because the London Astoria combined the best of both nightclub and concert features, it became a regular stop for many bands on tour over its 24-year run. 


By 2006, the venue was sold to Compco Holdings were rumours of the site being converted started to rise amid the residents of London. However, live music was still performed at the London Astoria over the next three years. However, when the property was compulsory purchased for the development of the Crossrail, that signalled the end of the facility. Despite many petitions and general opposition by the public, the London Astoria was closed and demolished in October of 2009. 

Although gone, the legacy of the London Astoria lives on thank to the many concerts in London that it hosted over the years. The influence of the performers who played live music London residents enjoyed spread beyond the city and around the world. Today, this venue is fondly remembered for its remarkable history and influence on live music. 

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