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2018-08-17 02:41:08

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Live Music in Seattle Washington

It goes without saying that Seattle Washington is the home to grunge or alternative music, but you may be surprised at how many live music events of different genres are present in the city. Over the decades, Seattle has become a mecca for artists and performers from all walks of music, which is why there is such a diverse culture of live music and concerts that go well beyond the alternative. 

The city that gave the world both Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix is well noted for their music festivals, but for the traveler it is the venues that lies at heart of live music in the city. What follows are some of the best venues for concerts ranging from alternative to rock to jazz and beyond. 

Café Racer

One of the more eclectic settings, this hold-in-the-wall bar offers some of the most original and innovative bands and performers in the city. From avant-garde performances on Sundays to modern jazz and more, Café Racer is a place where you will enjoy different genres of music each night. For those who love punk and rock music, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the times to check out this amazing bar. 

Columbia City Theater  

One of the oldest vaudeville theaters in Washington, this unique location was constructed in 1917 and has featured many well-known artists over the years. During World War II, it featured great jazz performers which included Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington. By the 1980s, it was the home to much of the punk movement which morphed into grunge. Today, you’ll find mostly acoustic bands, although hip-hop is certainly quite popular. 

The Crocodile

Formally the Crocodile Café, it opened in 1991 during the high mark of grunge and featured bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Nirvana in its early days. Today, hip-hop is the music that fills most of the nights with acts from around Seattle and the US providing the best in this genre. 

Electric Tea Garden

The name alone tells you that this is a unique place in Seattle, featuring the best of electronic music mostly performed by DJs that raise the roof on the weekends and bring it down a notch or two on the weekdays. You’ll find the Electric Tea Garden on Pike Street and it is a real change of pace for those who love electronic music. 

The Showbox

Located across from Pike Place Market, The Showbox may be the most recognized of all Seattle live music venues. From its opening in 1939, The Showbox has seen the likes of diverse artists from Muddy Waters to Pearl Jam entertaining the 1,100-capacity seating. From local bands making it big to internationally recognized artists, The Showbox offers one of the most intimate atmospheres for music which makes for the perfect evening’s entertainment.  

If you are in the Seattle Washington area and seeking out the best in live music, you cannot go wrong with the venues on this list. From alternative to jazz to all forms of music are celebrated in concerts across these legendary venues. 

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